Friday, November 30, 2007

November roundup

In November, I finished:

- the Juliet sweater for DD#2 who has worn it several times.
- 2 dog sweaters for Lucy, on a whim.
- 2 dishcloths, since the first one works so well.
- a CIC vest, since too long without making one of these makes my fingers itchy.
- a charity baby hat that I never posted about.

I also worked on:

- the teal cardie. The sleeves seem much too big for the body, so it's been in timeout.
- my first monkey socks. They were frogged and started again with the correct size needles, and I"m liking them much better.
- my first EZ's BSJ. All this needs are two seams and it will be done.

I'm surviving retail craziness at work, two Christmas gifts were bought last week, the living room/hall/foyer's ceiling is mostly painted.

Time to sit back with my monkey socks and watch a movie!

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