Thursday, November 29, 2007

thursdays and monkeys

If "Tuesdays are for spinning", then "Thursdays are for avoiding the painting". That's what I did today--I avoided painting.

It was easy to do this on Tuesday because:
1. I had other things to do (like color my hair, then get a cut.)
2. Say it with me: "Tuesdays are for spinning".

Today, though, was my second day off work this week and the painting was harder to avoid. I need to paint the living room/hall/foyer before the wood floor goes down and I'm having trouble getting the motivation. By the end of the day, I didn't start the painting, but I ripped up some more carpet as a commitment that I WILL be making progress soon. (Besides, who wants to paint when it's dark?)

I've been told to post some before pics and progress pics, so here's the first set.

Yes, this is a dartboard hanging in my living room. If you look closely, you'll see the square outline of what used to be there--our wedding picture. It came down a year ago when the china closet was moved there to redo the dining room. when the china closet was moved back, a certain member of my household seized the perfect opportunity to hang the dartboard.

hey, you're going to be painting anyway, so it should be fine.

and the darts shouldn't leave any holes in the walls--they're plastic.

see how well that worked?

yep, every day there's a new challenge. like right now--my shift key isn't working.... what is that about

i've finally taken my monkey out of timeout.

no, not this one.

but this one.

my monkey sock. it was turning out too small. i tried talking myself into going ahead--it'll block out okay, right

finally, i tried it on again, realized that there was no way it'll block okay, and ripped it out.

i guess i'll just go up a needle size, although 3's seem to be big.

then i discovered--i was using a size too small to start with--and this is with str mediumweight yarn. duh.

i've switched to 2's--the size i should've been using from the beginning, and they're just speeding along.

all is well, i've avoided painting for another day, soon i'll have a new pair of socks.

now if my shift key would start working again....


valéria said...

I'm sorry to read that you had to frog the monkey :S but if it doesn't fit?? well that is a pitty from all the work you've done. Well that happens sometimes so good luck with your second try ;)

By the way love the color of the yarn you use for those monkeys :D

Cactusneedles said...

I like the color you're doing for the Monkey's! It's really an easy pattern, don't you think? Take care!