Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Both Knit Wit and Dj guessed correctly that I'm knitting a baby surprise jacket. In the knitting world it's commonly called EZ's BSJ (Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket). Usually, one can just use the initials and another knitter instantly knows what you're talking about. (This I've learned in the last 3 years cruising around the 'net. Before that it was "who"? and "what"? Now it's "ah-ha".)

This being my first BSJ, I'm not positive, but I'm imagining that once you've knit this, you never forget the shape of it. It's a crazy shape, isn't it?

I'm down to the buttonhole row, so the knitting part will soon be completed. The fold-as-oragami-and-seam-the-shoulder part will be postponed 'til another day ('cause I'm still easily distracted.)

I'm not the only distracted one in this household, as evidenced by DD#2's craft project of the day:

That's right. She peeled a Clementine in one piece, ate the insides, then glued the peel back together.

There is no homework, and vacation has started.

I'll spare you a picture, but 2 more heavy pieces of furnature have been moved back to the dining room, and one more bag of trash has been generated.

Some spinning has been done today (because "Tuesdays are for spinning" as per the Yarn Harlot), but those pictures will also be for another day.

Instead, here's a picture of an almost completed project. Can you guess what it is?

Hint: This is something that I make a lot of.

(Not only did I end the sentence with a preposition, I ended the whole post with one. English 101, where art thou?)

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valéria said...

a soaker?? I should once in my live try that EZ BSJ. She rocks. I've her book knitters almanac. Just great.

Take care :)