Thursday, November 01, 2007

Note to self: Oct. FO's

A note to myself on my Finished Objects for October:

A Hooded Tunic, a kid's vest, and a Christmas gift. No socks were touched (kind of odd, but there are no sock WIP's. I'm itching to cast on one, so maybe tonight's the night.)

The teal cardigan was taken up again. Most of the first sleeve was finished, so all that's left is the second sleeve (and all the finishing work, yada, yada.)

The Juliet sweater is mostly done. The knitting has been completed, and approved by DD#2. A button needs to be purchased, and ten gazillion ends need to be hidden. (If I had thought ahead of time that I would do an "end of the month" accounting, I would've worked harder on this one.)

I'm in to Ravelry, and created my rettink picture (see sidebar on the right.)

When asked why did I make that self-portrait I responded,

"You know how you need to vacuum, so you come up with all sorts of other things to do so that you don't vacuum? That's why."

And now it's my Ravelry id.

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