Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where I knit a dog sweater (or two)

Valeria made a good guess that this was a soaker ('cause as you know, I make them a lot).

However, it's not. It's a vest.

(Shown off on my new rug just inside my sliding glass door in the dining room.)

Me: "Look, Jasper! A rug for you where you can lay in the sun and be all cuddly (and I can throw it into the washer if you make any messes on it)."

Jasper: "barkbarkbarkbarkbark. sigh. sneeze." ("I'm going to sleep on the couch now. Messes? What messes?")

Speaking of dogs, DD#1 brought home her puppy for Thanksgiving. When I mentioned that I was going to knit Jasper a sweater, she asked for one for Lucy, too.

Now, Jasper is an old dog and spends half of the day shivering (the half when he's not under the blankets.) I think a sweater makes a dog look silly, but in this instance I'm ready to give it a try. However, when I looked through my yarn for something washable and warm, all I found was girl colors.

And that's how I knit Lucy a dog sweater on Thanksgiving.

It's the Penny sweater from Knitty. One skein of bright Red Heart Acrylic, one black cocker spaniel puppy, what's not to love?

Unfortunately, Lucy has left town with her owner, so there will no modelling session, and I will have to mail the sweater.

Figuring that I had enough time.....I made her another.

This time I used some glittery Christmas acrylic yarn, used the same number of stitches, but used stockinette instead of the pattern stitch and look what happened:

There's a slight difference in size.

There's also no chance that I will fix it. Knitting two items with acrylic is enough for me. The Christmas yarn got stuck on the cable of the needles and was a real struggle to move it along.

I will mail this package out soon with the following instructions:

If it fits, keep it. It if doesn't, throw it in that "circular bin" since there's not a chance that I will fix it. Love, Mom.

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