Tuesday, November 06, 2007

All about me

Anyone wearing wool socks this week? I have, and it's been nice and warm. It's taken awhile for the cold weather to come, but it looks like it's here to stay. (At least as far as the air conditioner being turned off goes.)

Today I felt very much like I'm a knitter. I had on my hoodie and a pair of wool socks, and was carrying my purse. I felt a bit silly (but warm).

I made myself 2 more dishcloths, since the first one has been well used. They aren't in the rotation yet, but will be soon.

I've started a pair of monkey socks. I'll look up the yarn later (I think it's STR med. weight, but don't quote me), and size 2 dpns.

As you can see, the yarn is black, grey, and white variegated, and thrills me for some reason. It's looking very zebra stripe-ish, isn't it?

In keeping with today's theme, which is apparently all about me, here's my work apron, all painted for the winter season. (It's covered with snowflakes since the stencils I bought had 12-15 different ones and I felt compelled to do one of each.)

I'll get back to knitting for other people (and will show you DD's finished sweater soon), but until then it's been fun to just knit for me. :)

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Diane said...

Been in wool socks for a couple weeks now. Hate the cold weather but love my nice warm hand knit wool socks. Somehow just the process of opening my sock drawer and selecting a colorful pair of socks gets the day off on the right foot .... or the left foot ...