Thursday, April 26, 2007


You know how much I was struggling over dyeing the correct color of maroon yarn? How I never got the right color but decided it was close enough?

Well, while I was working on the vest at the game, a long-lost memory came sneaking into my mind.

"I think I might have a skein of maroon in my stash......"

Sure enough, I did. (If I had remembered that a couple of days earlier, it would've saved me time and effort. But where would be the adventure?)

Why didn't I take my own picture, you ask?

It's because my camera got stolen.

That's right. Our house got broken into on Monday and several items got stolen.

First, I was missing my camera. Since my house is a mess, and I'm rather forgetful, I thought I'd just misplaced it. I spent a couple of hours looking for it before figuring it would show up when I least expected it.

Then DH asked me why I moved his insulin (which I hadn't). That's when the truth dawned on us. We also found a missing ipod and DVD player. (Stupid robber--how can you get high on insulin? And why would you think of looking into the refrigerator anyway?) Made the police report, felt violated and unsafe, called the insurance company, all the usual stuff.

DH consoled me over my camera. "You can use mine whenever you want" which is really only when I blog. He gets to take any other pictures that we have. My camera was old, but I liked it and it worked for me.

So, the next day I resigned myself to learning how to use a fancy camera. That night we were preparing for DS#2's baseball game.

"Where's my camera bag?" says DH.

OH, NOOOOOOOO....... it's gone.

The robber apparently didn't like my camera, so came back THE NEXT DAY to take DH's. He took the whole bag, which also included the DVD camera. Who would think that we'd be robbed two days in a row!!!

Now we're getting a little freaked out. Made another police report--feeling very stupid.

Yesterday, the police came by to show us evidence that they've recovered. It was empty insulin bottles. (Stupid robber. Threw them in the burn pile when he realized it didn't have the same effect as smoking crack.) cameras have been recovered yet, but at least they think they've found the robber.

Lots of things left to do, but at least we're feeling safer now. And our air conditioning got fixed, just in time for a cold snap. AND..the part was still under warrenty.

Things are looking up, and I know you'll patiently wait for pictures until we either recover our old cameras or get a new one.


valéria said...

Oh my ruth,

i'm so very sorry for about what happend to you. *hug*...i think you would feel very unsafe by the first one and now you're twice robbed... hope they'll find your stuff soon and that you'll get it back. Cross my fingers and keep them crossed as long as i'm not knitting ok? ;-))

Hope the robber will be punished and not walk free in a short time and do take care...

oh the color maroon...

Diane said...

OMG I'd have been freaking out at the thought of someone in my house.