Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spin, mom!

The kids are on spring break. We've entertained ourselves pretty well for the week. (I include me since I took off three days this week. I'm making up for it by going in extra early tomorrow and Saturday.)

Today was supposed to be haircut day (for me) and go-out-to-lunch (for us three).

However, last night my car's battery died. Completely.

There was no sign of impending doom. One moment it started fine, the next....nothing.

I'm thankful for:
1. DH who was with me and got to be the in-charge person. (Although if he had been at home he could've rescued me. Either way was a win-win situation for me.)
2. A friend who came, bought jumper cables for us, and started our car. (Thinking the problem was solved he went on his way. I turned on the lights and the car stalled.)
3. A teenager who gave us a jump with our brand-new jumper cables. He followed us to the stop sign (where I turned on the lights and it died. Again.) and tried jumping again.
4. A man who joined in to push my car out of the way until today.
5. Our nice friend who patiently watched our kids for an extra hour until we could get them, and then drove us all the way home.
6. The thought that I could've called several other people and they would do the same thing for us.

The car has been towed, and hopefully is being fixed right now (thinking it's the alternator, but maybe just a bad battery terminal.)

I've been missing my car, and my haircut, but am glad I'm rich in friends.

Since we were stuck at home today, we decided to play Life. (I'm on strike from cleaning my house. It's been that way for months.)

I like to knit while playing games. Card games make me antsy since I haven't mastered the whole knitting-while-holding-a-hand-of-cards thing. But Life is fine.

The problem I had today, though, is that I wasn't knitting, I was tinking. The whole time. Finally, I ripped out the Horcrux part of the sock, and started again. I could've saved myself a lot of time (or paid attention to the game) if I had done that in the first place.

I think this is why I don't really knit lace. I can't back it up if I make a mistake. (I know that I do things with yo's and k2togs, but I don't really knit lace. Not a whole garment, anyway.)

The kids are used to my knitting, and will remind me occasionally to "Spin, mom!"

The police officer raked it in today. There were lots of screaming, "SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! SPEEDING! " when we spun a 10. Which we did often.

The police officer won the game, and I frogged my sock.

Game over.


valéria said...

Hi ruth,

thought you were also struck with the spinning bug ;-)
Hope the car will be driving again soon. And yeah you've great friends. That's the good thing about cars that don't work anymore, you get to knit, play with the kids and count your blessings :-)

Diane said...

I hope your car is aminor fix and you're back on the road soon.