Saturday, April 14, 2007

Let-the-dog-out kind of day

Here's my day:

In the morning I took DS#2 to a math competition. He did very well, but 3 hours of competing as a 4th grader (or anyone, for that matter), made him a bit tired. (Can I just say how proud I am of him, and how thrilled I am that he's interested in knowing what the cubed root of 1728 is? We do problems like that in the car when he's bored.)

Besides that, I basically let the dog out, let the dog in,

let the dog out,

let the dog in.

In between that important job, I did laundry--basically washing every single item of clothing that we own in the house. I'm not done yet, but I'm seeing the end.

I also watched DS#1's game on the net. (Live score updates, but no live video.)

Every time I sat down on the computer was a time to let the dog out. And in. Then stop the dryer to get out the jeans before they shrunk, check the game, knit a couple of rows, then it all started over again.

The game was on TV at 4 on a taped delay, so then I watched it again. (It's easier for me to watch the game if I already know the outcome. DS pitched a complete game getting the win and a season high 12 strikeouts.)

More up and down for me (gotta love that pause button), as I continued the laundry and tried to cook supper. (The smoke alarm didn't go off, so supper was a success.)

My favorite item to knit during DS's games is a CIC vest.

I've made two go-with-anything vests, so it was time for a using-up-the-leftovers vest.

I'm going to combine a neutral:

with a color:

and hopefully come up with something not too ugly.

Here's my start so far:

That's the end of my post. I gotta go let the dog out.

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