Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Project Spectrum yarn

For Project Spectrum, Lolly asked us to photograph our stash of green, yellow, and pink yarns.

No problem, I thought.

I could find plenty of green yarn, and this is skipping all the teal shades, of which I have many.

(What better way to display yarn than in a huge cup and saucer? It's actually a planter, but it may never make it outside. Looks pretty good with this kind of green, right?)

Looking for yellow and pink is where I ran into problems.

Here's a partially used skein of yellow Cascade 220. No other skeins were to be found. A couple of variegated ones, but no more yellow ones.

Pink was not much better. A few variegated skeins.

And three skeins that I'm not even sure are pink--they lean quite heavily to the reds.

After stash diving I have reach this conclusion:

I need to go yarn shopping.


valéria said...

wishing that i could come along. Buying yarn is always a good thing ;-).

Like the bowl off yarn ...

Cactusneedles said...

I've added to my stash this week. It was great!!! I hadn't been in a while either. Have fun!!