Friday, April 20, 2007

Maroon and orange

Today is Hokie Hope Day where we were encouraged to wear orange and maroon in memory of the Virginia Tech victims. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read here. )

I had an orange shirt on, but own nothing that's maroon. At work, people were looking for ribbons and flowers in the Hokie colors. I have come to the conclusion that we all have a slightly different idea of what maroon is.

We quickly sold out of the regular maroon ribbon. That left us to improvise.

One customer kept picking up the red. "Is this close enough?"

No, it's red. See, it says "red".

Or, I would pick up a maroon, and another customer would say "no, too purple" to every maroon (it really was!) ribbon I picked up.

One person had sight problems with color, so she just took my word for it.

DS#1's baseball team have 3 games still scheduled this weekend with Virginia Tech, so we decided to go. I need to support Miami's team, but I can still support VA Tech's community. Therefore, I decided to knit a CIC vest at the game with orange and maroon yarns.

The only problem is that I don't have any maroon yarn.

I've had problems dyeing shades of maroon (and the whole red family) before, but it was time to try again.

What do you think?

Yep, kinda pink-y.

A sane person would just use it anyway, considering the game is tomorrow.

I, however, am not sane. It's not maroon enough for me, so it's back in the crockpot with some more dye. It can dry overnight and I can wind it in the car tomorrow. It'll be ready for the game....right?


valéria said...

Hi Ruth,

what a terrible thing what happend in virginia. I've with two other woman an yahoo group and one off them, her nephew is on that campus. He's a basseball player too. Robert krassedam don't know if he playes with your son. But i've called with his aunt and she told me about it and how small the world is...

My hart goes out to all the victims and i hope that the family will heal from this tragedy and words can not explain my feelings about this,so very sad.

I don't like orange, maroon....yep love that but maroon...just like teal....yep i'm stupid...:S So thanks for the links i can look it up and also read about the tragedy.

I think my thoughts and although my home is far away, i want to tell you that we here in the netherlands feel sorry for virginia and do hope that there will be taken actions to prevent this happen ever again.


valéria said...

hi ruth,
another comment about the maroon.... ;) but i guess it's the closest too egg plant color??? Am i right???

take care...:)

Diane said...

Sane has nothing to do with creativity. Good for you for tossing sanity aside and heading off to the crock pot again.

What a terrible sequence of events in Virginia. With 3 kids in college right now it hit a little too close to my comfort zone.