Monday, April 23, 2007

Back from VT

We went to Virginia Tech this weekend to see my son's UM baseball team play. The VT coach wanted to keep the games for the weekend. It gave the community something to do and something different to focus on rather than the recent tragic events. I had a friend come sit with me for the game. She goes to VT and had 3 friends die. It was good to see her and hang out with her.

We took time to view the memorials at the drill field.

The only sounds were some whispering and lots of sniffling. This was not on Friday, but still there were maroon and orange where-ever we looked. I can't come up with words to explain it, but I know you're feeling it too. It was heartbreaking, and made us want to hug our kids. Or give them a call.

I believe this is an exerpt from a speech that was given during the memorial service on Tuesday.

To view more pictures that we took, click here.


The games were more subdued than normal. It was almost eerily quiet for the first few innings. Later it became livelier, especially as the game became close for the last few innings. The umpire was boo-ed several times. Back to normal.

I worked on my CIC vest. Even though it was hot, I was glad I picked those colors. (In case you're wondering.....I redyed my maroon yarn, then fell asleep with it in the crockpot. Woke up in the middle of the night and pulled it out. Still not maroon, but closer. In the morning I rinsed it, spun it in the washer, then dried it in the dryer on low heat on the drying rack. It was wound in the car. Think I was cutting it a bit close?)

My dad came for the game. (He wasn't tempted to knit, though.)

Since there were two games, I finished the vest in the second game, second inning.

Since I don't want to break a trend, I ran out of yarn. Surprised? I had a skein of black with me, so decided to use that when the maroon ran out. Not too sober for a child, but still meaningful to me.

In the second game, ninth inning, I finished the second CIC sock.

DD#2 took pictures of the baseball game, so if you're interested, click here. DS won his game, pitched seven innings and striking out seven. (He's #31....and the pitcher in most of the pictures.)


Diane said...

No words needed.

R said...

i have two girls attending UNCG in Greensboro NC When I heard the news i called each one to be sure they were safe and to say i love you. your blog is the first to say anything of the tragedy and i thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures.

Lynn said...

I can't imagine what it must have been like to look at the memorials of those poor kids. I'm glad to see that the coach kept the games going.

That being said, I love the socks and vest you knit up. Very nice.