Saturday, September 09, 2006

Turned the corner

After a rainout and a DH-driven practice, I have returned to soccer practice last night. That was done on the sock.

I managed to printout directions the night before, read them (yes--read them--the whole way through--at least once!), and got started on the heel.

Not just any short rowed heel. I, like so many others, have trouble with the short row heel. I get holes. And a fat ridge going up the mitered corner. And both sides don't match. Yuck.

I was so happy, then, to see emails from 6SoxKAL about the Sherman heel. (Not only run across, but saved them until needed--very unusual for me.) You can check them out here at hipknitism which refers to the Toe-up Sock using the Sherman heel. (You might need to be a member of the yahoo knitlist group to view them).

There's only 2 wraps, no holes, and no big tense ridge going up either side. Plus, it's simpler to do. What more can you ask for in a heel?

Pretty, huh?

(Feeling smug that I had saved the directions...I began to think....I saved the emails, but did I actually bookmark the directions? No. Of course not. So much for my smugness. It has now been fixed, and I can move on....)

My second CIC log cabin sweater is moving along.

Quite bright and cheerful. I continued on my "why wind a ball when I can skip that step" and....yep....the purple yarn is now all tangled.


DS#2 and I spent some time picking up the big branches from our yard. We still have plenty left to do.

This is today's project. Plus, washing the leaf imprints off the cars. But today's project was also going to be vacuuming the whole house (at the same time.) And also, a trip to the grocery store. We're out of food, and even more importantly, almost out of milk for my coffee. I'm not going to even mention the report that DD#2 has to write, or the 3-4 birthday parties that are going on today. (If twins have a party, is it counted as one party or two? There are two gifts to be bought. But one cake.)

Maybe I'll go knit.

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