Monday, September 25, 2006

Music to my ears

In the blink of an eye, this little girl has grown up.

This little girl turned 18 over the weekend.

Here she is playing with one of her favorite presents--a kitchen with a whole set of dishes. And a phone. Notice how well attached the phone is to her ear. She's a quick learner. She can also make a great chocolate chip cheesecake, maybe that's what she's practicing in this picture.

Anyway, she came home last weekend--her first time home from college. True-to-form, she was too busy this weekend to take a current photo. (Remember her orange Rogue hoodie from last fall? I have yet to get a picture of her wearing it. I almost made her model it, but it was too hot of a day.)

She uttered some wonderful words this weekend. Really, music to my ears.

Talking about majors (she's currently a Chemistry Education Major), she was wondering how hard it would be to double major.

"What in?" I asked. Wait...could it be? "Is it math?"

She gets a sheepish look on her face. "I was thinking about it."

Statistically speaking (I couldn't resist), what a freshman is majoring in does not necessarily mean that's what she's going to graduate with, but at least there's hope.

And also, I'm still proud of that Chemistry Education idea. I mean, really. Who enjoys Chemistry at all, let alone enough to major in?

That math gene had totally passed DS#1. He picked a major based on avoiding any Calculus.

I was losing hope with DD#1. Then, out of the blue!

Music to my ears.

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