Monday, September 04, 2006

The picture of laziness

Here's a picture of laziness:

That's right. I couldn't take the time to wind up my yarn before I started knitting with it. It's not as dangerous as it looks, however. I have it wedged on my knee, so as long as it stays put, and I pull out the yarn carefully, I should get no knots.

Sadly, this is something where I have a lot of experience. And the percentage of times where I do this successfully without knots is....

Hey, do I hear a kid calling?

No, wait, it's the dog....

Gee, I think I forgot what I was talking about....

Anyway, here's what I'm doing with the green yarn:

I've started a new CIC log cabin sweater, using this pattern again. It's a good knit.

I took a picture of our back yard to show that we got off lightly with the storm.

Just some branches and leaves, but no damage.

I took a look at this before heading down the road. Less than 1/2 mile away the neighbors have NO leaves in their yard. Nada. Zippo. Nothing.

Now I'm feeling like we got the brunt of the storm. I remind myself that the neighbors either have no trees or pine trees, but aren't surrounded by leaf bearing trees like us. But still....I'm a bit annoyed.

Then I see a tree down. Then another. Then I hear about the power still being out. Today, three days after the storm it's still out.

So now I'm back to ---hey, we got off pretty lightly.

I'm going to go and count my blessings, enjoy my electricity, and do some more lazy knitting.

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valéria said...

Hello ruth,

nice collor the green.
I've never collored any wool and it's not lightly that i will as it's not easy to find wool here i can dye myself.
I like seeing it though and always nice to know how an other one does it.

Here in holland it's not IN to spin your own wool and dye it.
Maybe it will be, i hope so.

Nice to read that you're ok after a storm.