Thursday, August 31, 2006


There's nothing like finishing a sock to make me want to start a new one. (Not finish the new one, mind you, just start it. :) So....I started the Snake Skin Socks from 6SoxKAL. Very nice pattern, and it's easy to memorize--just like other members have said.

Usually when someone posts, "...and it's easy to memorize", I think, "HA! Not for me it won't be." This time, though, it's true.

My cardigan is also moving along. Not very fast, but a couple of rows a day still make a difference.

I've also dyed more yarn for CIC sweaters.

These are the last 3 skeins of my gifted yarn. It started out as a garbage bag full, and I've been slowly but surely using it all up for CIC.

I dyed them in my crockpot. My family is so trained, that when suppertime came, they didn't even look into the pot, but just assumed it was yarn.

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Vivian said...

Your newly dyed yarn is beautiful! I can never seem to get the color to come out so bright. Are you using coolaid?