Friday, August 25, 2006

...And another chick has followed

Yesterday was the big day for chick #2 (formerly referred to as DD#1). It was move-in day at her college. Everything went well, she got moved in rather quickly (you should have SEEN some of the stuff that some others brought. Where they put it all, I don't know.) The air conditioning got fixed before bedtime, and there were no major traffic jams for the shower. (Ten girls for one shower. Who was THAT architect? It must've been a guy.)

We got to bed on time the night before. DD got her stuff all packed into the car, while I made pillowcases.

At 8:30 pm, I thought, "Wow, it's 8:30 and I'm FINALLY getting these pillowcases made."

Had a brief sinking feeling where I found no needle in my sewing machine. Remembered that I had broken it the last time I used the machine, but then found a new one. (Rather unusual--I usually run out of needles completely before I buy more.)

Got distracted.

At 9:30 I sat down and thought, "Now I'm FINALLY getting these pillowcases made."

Got distracted.

At 10:00 I FINALLY started sewing and got the pillowcases made.

Here they are:

I made the polka-dotted ones, and the pink in the middle is from her sheet set. The comforter has one side lime green and one side pink. (If I was a better picture taker, I would've artfully postitioned the pillows on the comforter, but it was already packed. And by then it was 10:30, so use your imagination.)

I took the following pictures today to show that I don't just knit at baseball games, I also knit at soccer practices.

Why am I on the other side of the road, you ask?

Because of this lovely little tree, that provides shade the perfect size for my chair.

Other popular hangout places are under the other little tree to the right, and then in the shade of the sign by the field. The truly brave among us sit in the sun and fry.

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