Monday, August 28, 2006


It's show-and-tell time, folks! It seems like I've found a few finished items that haven't made it to my blog.

First, my most recent FO:

That's right, my socks. These are 6SoxKAL from.....May? April? Anyway, they're done. I've been quite happy about them, too. Nice and springy using sock yarn from Ellen's Half-pint Farm.

I had vague thoughts (that I always get this time of year but never follow through) that I could enter them in the county fair.

Sounds good.

Well, I had them both on my feet for about 30 seconds before I saw this glaring error:

See it? On the inner side of the left sock I only did a purl one, while on the inner right edge I did a purl 2. (Not a chance that I'll rip it out....)

Okay, then. A blue ribbon and a cash prize of a whopping $5 is out of my reach on this one.

Moving on....

Here are more 2 pairs of CIC socks.

At this point I should mention that none of these items have been blocked. Any funny looking shapes will become perfect when the magic blocking takes place. (I can dream, right?)

Here's the current CIC challenge--fingerless mitts. These are Fetching from Knitty.

Finally, here's the end result of my log cabin sweater. If you may remember, I had a variegated square for the center. I ripped it all out and started again with the green. (Just a side note: I've never gotten into quilting because of the exactness required in getting the corners to get so precisely matched and sewn. So what's up with my corners? This is KNITTING, not QUILTING! Nice corners should NOT be part of the equation.)

This was really a fun knit. It's one of those "wait, just one more side" kind of knits. I figure that I can make it bigger easily by going around more, right?

Ok, time is done. Now it's time for snack!


valéria said...

Hello ruth,

like it very much that you show your finished projects. :-)
I've started with knitting blocks like quilting and it's somewhere..but where it is???

Great idea to make a cardigan from it.
I want to make a wrap or afghan from it but that's a long way to go i'm afraid ;-).

I'm still working my pomatomus socks and have pulled it out 5 times now i hope to finish my socks before the year has passed?? :-S

have a nice day :-)

shirleyknits said...

The log cabin pullover turned out very cute! I can imagine that a Russian child will love to wear it. You've inspired me to try this pattern.

Vivian said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for the nice comment on my blog! The log cabin sweater is so cute, I think I might just make one of them too. Really enjoyed reading your blog, hope you don't mind me put a link on mine so I can track what's on sale at Michael's :-)