Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Whiny baby

That's me, I'm just a whiny baby. And I whined through the knitting of at least half of this scarf. This is Potato Chip, although it looked exactly like the pattern featured in this Sunday's Washington Post.

It starts with 90 sts (although I think I did about 110), then doubles every other row. Here it is at 880 sts, right before the massive bind off.

I became a whiny baby at 440 sts. Arrgh---these sts are really tight. They're too tight already. They're hurting my hand. Uggh.

Here's a close up. (No, I did not squish them together for maximum effect. This is the way they were the whole way around.)

I suppose I could've used more than one circular needle. Maybe 4 or 5, then I could've gotten over 1600 sts before binding off. Ha!

Here's the finished scarf, modelled by our pogo stick.

I wore it to work yesterday where several people recognized the pattern. Now if only it would match something in my closet.... It must be time to go shopping.

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