Sunday, January 22, 2006

Progress part 2

Here's my attempt to keep my buffet table clean:

I figure that if I put decorative plants on it, I'll be less inclined to pile it high with papers, books, and downright junk. So far it's been 3 days and still working. (However, no massive amounts of homework yet.)

Here's the Rogue with the finished hood. Grafted the cable following these great directions.

I'm figuring that blocking will flatten out any wayward stitches. (I've been figuring that a lot lately.....hope it's true!)

Here's the first sleeve:

Yep, I've lost my motivation. Not only do I have the dreaded second sleeve syndrome, but I seem to have acquired the first sleeve syndrome.

Which brings me to the socks. They are for CIC, so they're on my January Goals list. The second orange sock was mostly finished during DD's basketball game.

There was time to come home between games, so I finished orange socks, and cast on for green and blue striped socks.

Got as far as the heel during DS's game. Turns out that we got there in time for the PREVIOUS game, (uggh), so had plenty of time for knitting.

Hoping to get back to the Rogue sleeves tonight.

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Knit Wit said...

hey I love your little progress icons, where did you get them?