Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Out of control

Yesterday I went a bit out of control.

I started the day well. Went to breakfast with RB. (That's her new name. "She-who-gets-locked-out-of-her-house-in-pajamas" just takes too long to type.) Then we mosied over the yarn store to buy new needles.

Here they are, accompanied by one lonely (but gorgeous) skein of sale yarn. (Check out the cool pink bag.)

Chatted for awhile with the lady who helped us. Discussed school borders, kids now-a-days, Christmas gifts....and my Clapotis. She recognized the pattern just by my having it thrown over my shoulder. HA! I can knit a recognizable pattern!

So far, so good.

Next, we went next door to the thrift store, where I found this:

This is 100% Virgin wool! The bigger skeins have to be 8 oz. each. Plus I scored a bag of tapestry yarn! (I figure this is actually tapestry yarn also. Not the softest possible, but definitely good enough for a sweater. Or two. Tone-on-tone. Little squares. Imagine the possibilities.)

Now, RB and I had not perfected our bargaining signals before going inside. I asked "How much for it all?" and was told $15. I hemmed and hawed and asked RB, "what do you think?"

She, coming straight from the LYS where they had plenty of single skeins that cost more than that, said, "That's a good deal".

Wrong. Bad. That's not bargaining. But again, we hadn't practiced. A slight eyebrow lift could've meant: Be skeptical. Sound poor. Keep talking about how we needed enough bus fare to get home. (That might've given us away since I don't know if our one county bus even stops there.)

But she took me literally. (And it was a good deal.)

But since the owner just threw a number out at me, I hemmed and hawed some more, and said "would you take $12?" to which she said "sure".

Deal done. Next time, we'll practice.

So...still doing okay....until I got home..... where a "we're having a sale" email was waiting for me. So....ummm....I might've ordered a couple of skeins of sock yarn. It was a sale, after all, and I was on a roll.

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