Thursday, January 05, 2006


The goals for January are moving along. The Rogue is about 25% done--starting on the front after finishing the back. You'll be spared a picture for today while I finish up a couple of other things.

These Ugg Booties and Hat were finished in plenty of time for Saturday's shower.

I used Lion Brand suede and some leftover alpaca boucle.(aside note: it's sad, but true. I had to look up how to spell suede. Tried Swede, but no, that's a person from Sweden. Swade? Sweade? If anyone finds my brain running around, please return it to me. Include, if desired, a dictionary and a book on English grammar usage.)

The pattern had to be sized down quite a bit, starting with 22 stitches and adjusting accordingly throughout. The hat was cast on with 48 sts, a couple of rows of garter alpaca, then knit for 4.5 inches before doing the decreases. I'm hoping that the soon-to-be-born boy can wear both garments at the same time, and preferably not during the middle of the summer. :)

I've started a helmet liner, this time in tan. It's to join the black one, hopefully to be mailed out before the postage rate increase.

Knit on!

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mama-of-purl said...

those are just too cute! I saw the pattern in the spring last year, intending to make them for my little one, but now she's running around... they grow out of the bootie age waaay too fast;-) Maybe I can make a pair with a proper sole some day.