Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CIC sock challenge

As part of my January goal, I recently (as in: late last night) completed the third pair of socks for Children In Common. The goal was originally 4 pairs, but it didn't happen.

Here they are:

They're the first time that I didn't follow a pattern. Just cast on a number divisible by 4 (because? I don't know. I guess to have my K2, P2 ribbing come out evenly.) Ribbed and knit the top til it looked good, used half the stitches for the heel. Did the same number of rows from my heel pickup down to the toe as the number of cast on stitches. (Thanks to Marguerite for those suggestions.)

After washing, and drying over the registers over night, they're in the mail today!

If you check out my sidebar, I decided to join Team Chocolate. It will be part of my training and participation to eat chocolate (horrors--I almost typed "one piece of chocolate"--not what I had in mind at all!) for each day of the Olympics. Even if I don't complete the sweater, I will have at least trained fully!

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Suzetta said...

Cute sockies.