Saturday, January 14, 2006

Progress report

No interesting stories, but here's what I've been working on....

Rogue is halfway through the hood.

It's harder and harder to make myself knit it, though, so I have to move back and forth between different projects. If I finish the hood this weekend, then do one sleeve each week, I'll still make my goal.

I almost finished a soaker using beautiful, handspun wool. Still needs a drawstring...and a heart.

There's enough yarn left that I might be making socks to match.

I will, however, need the needles that are here:

This is a first sock of 8 (HA!) that I want to make for the CIC sock challenge.

This sock is the project that I took with me today for DS#2's basketball game.
ME: "Wait, I have to get my knitting and then we can go."
HIM: "But mom, you're supposed to be watching ME!"
ME: "That's why I'm taking something easy to do so that I can watch you at the same time."

That was my theory, and it was true that I didn't pay much attention. So much so, that I started the toe decreases without moving some stitches around, and now the toe is all wonky. Gotta be frogged and done over. (All was not lost--DS's team won the game.)

Umm......I might've added another project to my Jan. to-do list. Not starting it, though, just finishing it.

I'm helping put together a Warm Up America afghan. The squares are all done, I'm just adding the black border and then sewing together. This, too, must be done by the end of January.

Am I feeling the pressure? Just a bit.

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