Saturday, November 19, 2005


I've been swinging into mild panic mode around here. Thanksgiving is a week away, and I have to work 4 days next week. When, exactly, do I plan on preparing? Not only is there a dinner to plan, but all the normal housekeeping chores (plus some--my house is a worse wreck than normal.)

I made a start yesterday. Gave the dog a bath, washed the bathroom rugs, cleaned up the hamster cage and put it away. (Yes, both hamsters have now passed away.)

I also made a list for Thanksgiving dinner. I asked my family if they'd like any changes in what we eat. NO! no! NO! came the immediate responses. Okay...then....

I don't know why I'm surprised by that. Several years ago we had friends over for dinner and they brought several things, including a vegetable casserole. "Good", I said, "then I don't have to make a vegetable". "We still need the succotash," said my family. Really? It's not like it's that special, just corn and lima beans. But it was served along with everything else.

I should just make a list of everything we need, and keep it from year to year.

I might've gotten distracted and knitted this oven mitt.

In my defense, it goes with my kitchen that isn't done, and maybe it will distract everyone from the other unfinished elements. I need something new while I do all that cooking, right?

It used an entire skein of Lion Wool, and a couple bits from other skeins. It will be felted and will shrink down to exactly the right "oven mitt" size (I hope, but don't put great faith in. I have 2 other oven mitts hanging around that are now kid-size.) I'm waiting a day or two to see if it will have a mate.

Preparations are underway....

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