Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Pick Up Sticks

I've been knitting a red helmet liner for DS#2. It's done, but doesn't fit properly, so I'm going to have to re-do it. DS uttered these ominous words when he tried it on, "It's itchy."

Arrgh! Does that mean it's a bit too tight, or is it actually itchy? The wool seemed soft to me. Now what? Re-do the whole thing? Or believe in the itchiness and give it up? I'll have him try it on again tonight to figure it out.

I fixed this sock once already. Then it got worn. Once. And here's the result:

While I did knit a piece on the toes, obviously more work was needed. This time I cut off the front part and ravelled it back so I could re-knit the whole toe.

It took a very small amount of time, and will wear much better, unless he gets a hole somewhere else. Then they will go into the trash.

I've been very proud of my kids lately. DS#2 remarked that these pick up sticks would be perfect to use as knitting needles. (And they are. I made a stuffed elephant using these needles, er sticks, when I was in college. It was different shades of blue and had flannel on the ends of his feet. I still have it....ummm.....somewhere......)

And DD#2 remarked that they needed to be in this formation.

They're getting to know their knitting!

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