Friday, November 11, 2005

Let me think about it....

Normally that is a prudent thing to say:"Let me think about it....and I'll get back to you."However, there are some circumstances where thinking is unnecessary.

As I've previously mentioned, I work at a big-box craft store (Michael's) as a part-time cashier. I was asked last week if I wanted to help with the 5 Hour Knitting Event that is this Sunday.

"What do I need to do?""Just sit and knit on a project that you're already working on and answer any questions that people ask.""Do I get paid?""Yep, just clock in, then sit and knit."

So I said, "Let me think about it....and I'll get back to you."

(At this point I'm glad I'm telling this story in cyberspace and not in real life. I'd be afraid of getting slapped upside my head. ARE YOU CRAZY????? Get paid to sit and knit and YOU HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT??????

In my defense, it's not a normal workday so I had to check my schedule. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.)

So, when sanity returned, I told them I'd be happy to do it. And I proceeded to knit a fluffy scarf for the occasion. (That was pictured in the previous post. I hadn't gotten the nerve to tell this part of the story yet.) The scarf was worn twice this week while I promoted the event. (Well, the scarf promoted the event--I didn't do much promoting. Have to work on the whole salesmanship issue.)

Then I had the brilliant thought of bringing DD#2 along. She can knit and promote to the whole younger generation. If I get up my nerve, I'll take some pictures to post.

Next, I've been thinking about what to take with me. I figured that even though I could work on whatever I'm currently knitting, it would be better if customers could buy the yarn in the store, right? So I bought more yarn, and started these:

These will be fingerless mittens. (I know that this isn't these, this is this, but just imagine the matching one so that my subject and verb matches.) I'm still at the "I think I want to design these myself" stage. Therefore, they started with a ruffled edge that got ripped out--way too ruffly. Restarted with a 2x2 ribbing, but I think the circumference is still too wide. I'm also planning a diamond lace pattern on the back. And the goal was really to have one of them done for tomorrow to show what I'm making. Think I'll reach that goal? Not a chance.....


This is the only knitting that I've accomplished this week, and the sleeves were mostly done during a migraine hangover. Couldn't do much but sit and knit, so I did.

Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn????

Here's my next ambitious project. Orange yarn. Lots of it. 10 skeins of Plymouth Encore that I'll be using to make the Rogue Hoodie for DD#1.

In my defense, the color choice was totally hers. However, the yarn type was mine. (I know that Plymouth Encore isn't aran weight. Don't confuse me with the facts. I can achieve st gauge with the Encore. Will it be too drapey? Time will tell.)

Will I be tired of orange yarn by the end of this project?

Hmmm....let me think about it....

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