Saturday, November 26, 2005

Helmet liner

Had a not-very-clean house, but plenty of good food and fellowship, and my oven mitts worked like a charm!

Here's Jasper, sleeping on DD#2's pillow after a hard day's work.

My family decided to play checkers, but couldn't find all the pieces, so they used animals. Jasper's not a piece, he decided to play too!

King me!

Here's my latest knitting project. It's helmet liner for a soldier in Iraq. There's a whole group that's knitting these hats, and I thought about knitting one and sending it there. Then, I realized that I have friends whose son just went over. Who better to knit for than someone you know?

Here's the helmetliner pattern. I knit it in black Cascade 220 using size 6 and 7's. The bottom half can pull up or down over the nose.

DS#2 is modelling it. The sides gap a bit on an 8 year old, but on an adult, it fits fine. The modelling payment, of course, is to make him one!

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