Monday, November 14, 2005


There are some days where I just feel like a helpless female, and this is one of them.

Normally I'm reasonably competent. I have a cordless screwdriver, and know how to use it. I can paint the ceiling, move the refrigerator to clean behind it, do figure logic puzzles, do various crafts other than knitting, and keep the 4 kids' (and husband's) schedules reasonably straight.

However, the best that I can say for today is that I took the garbage to the dump without any major mishaps. The day went downhill from there.

I was late for an appointment because I was preparing packages for the post office, then forgot them.

I stopped to fill my really-too-low tires with air, but the compressor didn't do a thing. "Is it putting air in or letting air out? This doesn't look good." This is the second time I've attempted this. The first time the compressor was out of order. (Yes, I pushed the button anyway "just to check" and yes, I drove away with it's annoying hum pursuing me.)

Then, I attempted to change my kitchen light.

Here's a before picture.

The previous fixture had crashed to the floor and shattered, and I actually left it in this state for months. Literally.

I bought a new light finally, and attempted to do it myself.

I wish I could say "Look what I did all by myself!"

But in reality, "Look at what my husband did after he so kindly rescued me!"

The directions were easy, simple even. I couldn't get it to screw onto the ceiling, and what's the use of a light if it's just dangling in the air?

I finally gave up, and watched some mindless TV. Nope, not doing anything else. I'm shutting down before I ruin something else. Waited til DH came home, and he figured it out. Stupid directions--what good are they if they don't work?

The Opal Rainforest Tiger yarn has arrived. This is for DS of the "you never make anything for me" who incidentally found a hole in his sock today--handknit last year by me.

I can't handle "fixing" anything else today!

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