Monday, June 27, 2005


I had a whole, long post going, but my mouse double clicked and closed the window--losing a most wonderful entry! (Well, it was really just normal, but you'd never know....)

I hate hearing about a story, but not hearing the ending, so here's the some recent updates (If this is boring to you, then just look at the pics):

My car is fixed and running smoothly. We now have another vehicle in the shop--the third since May! If only they would offer frequent flier miles, like "Fix five times, the sixth is free!" Now THAT is something we could use.

DS#1 has not signed with the White Sox yet, and unless anything dramatic happens he'll go back to college for at least one more year.

DS#2's baseball team won a championship for their coach-pitch division, starting from 8th seed and working their way to the top. He's following in his brother's footsteps. No knitting went with me since it was supposed to be one short game. 6 hours later, we were done. They forgot to mention that IT WAS A TOURNAMENT!!! Good thing the ice cream truck was there--our team would've starved!

I still the Solitaire game "Gaps", winning a dismal 4.8% of the time. Worse than before, but that doesn't stop me from playing. (Or learning from my mistakes.)

I've started the birthday clogs for my personal chauffeur. She requested variegated yarn and I'm using a matching (yes, it really does) yarn for the soles.

It will be interesting how it felts up.

Here's my green silk noil tank, sewn together, re-dyed, and drying. Hopefully this will be it.

The green dye from before didn't "stick", so I redid the dye today using "more" of everything: more vinegar, more soaking, more dye, more heat, more time. And, of course, I overdid the dye so it's not chartreuse anymore, but rather it's closer to a kelly green. It fits okay (I sewed it together first before redyeing. No reason to take the time to redye if it doesn't fit anyway.)

Here's some free 100% wool yarn that I received today. It's from a friend's MIL who was clearing out, and boy was she organized!

It will be great for some charity knitting.

This is a card that lists brand, amount, color, how much is left, what was made from it and what year, and a yarn sample of each color. A little bag contained this card and any yarn labels and had a number that matched the big yarn bag's number. Must've been used to cross reference.

Someday I'll be that organized!!!!

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