Thursday, June 09, 2005

Exciting times are ahead

Here you see 2 finished pieces of my chevron rib tank, using the silk noil that I hand-dyed. I have spared you (forgot to take) all the in-between pictures, especially the 4-5 times I restarted the front. Once I really got going, it was hard to stop and post. I was going on the old wives' tale that if you knit faster, you won't run out of yarn. (I don't think that's actually an old wives' tale, but it sure floats around my head a lot.)

I have enough yarn left over to seam the sides, plus doing a single crochet edging. How about that! I never thought the yarn would actually make it to the end. I kept thinking....if only I was younger, I could make a halter top--that way no upper back was needed. (I wouldn't need to be younger to make it, just to wear it. :)

I really got going on it while listening to the 1st day of the MLB draft over the internet. It was painfully slow--especially the first five rounds where they had to discuss each draft pick in 30 seconds or less before the next pick. After the 1st five rounds they just drafted without discussion, so things picked up.

I was listening for DS's name from 2-3 teams that had expressed an interest. In between I would knit, wander around, and finally I started to cook supper. I had just walked back into the room when I heard his name, being drafted in the 17th round by the White Sox! Not at all the teams I was watching, but I still managed to be in the room at the right time! Here's a link to his stats and a picture.

I don't really know what this means, but exciting times are ahead!

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mrsflipmode said...

Ruth, I just noticed your comment in your signature on a post on the wool soaker group and just had to come and say congratulations to you and your DS for his Baseball drafting - Yay, you must be so proud :-)