Thursday, June 09, 2005

A good knitting day

Forgot to post these--I love it when I find finished items that I forgot about! Makes me feel like I'm getting something done! They're another pair of basketweave socks for CIC. I had different amounts of orange, but not enough of any one shade. Tried to talk myself into making fraternal socks instead of identical, but couldn't do it. Now I'm glad I took the extra time.

To be daring, I decided to join the 6 Socks Knit-ALong. This month's socks are 2 pair for CIC--how about that? Here's my beginning.

I decided to make them white, then dye them later when a color calls to me. May redo them, however--not caring for the way the ribbing looks. Gonna try to learn cabling without a cable needle, since my toothpick keeps getting stuck on the yarn.

Wound up some more balls of yarn. These are all Cascade 220, and they were full skeins--must've had different tension since some are larger. Got my lampshade going again--this time it spun in the right direction so it didn't keep tightening up the screw on top.

I've had 3 soakers halfway done, waiting for some inspiration to strike me. Here's a glimpse of the first finished one.

It was a good knitting day!

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