Saturday, June 11, 2005

I have a personal chauffeur

I have a personal chauffeur. (And yes, it's spelled right, although I had to start up MS Word to use the spell checker. Nope, the dictionary is way too far away from my computer. At least, I assume it is, I'm not real sure WHERE it is right now...)

As I was saying, I have a personal chauffeur. (I just doubted myself, and MS Word, so I found the dictionary and looked it up.)

Anyway, I have a personal chauffer. She's at my beck and call.

"Can you take this kid there while I take that kid here?"

"Can you go with me here? Or there? Or here and there?"

"Can you pick up this kid? But she will hard to reach, so can you drive around until you find her?"

"Can you pick up my kids from the bus stop, break into my house, let out the dog, keep one kid overnight, take her to her soccer game, lend her socks since she can't find hers (W-A-Y in the bottom of the bookbag)?"

This week, however, it's been all about the car.

"Can you take me today to get my car? It should be fixed by bus time. It's not fixed today, how about tomorrow morning. Not fixed, how about tonight? The original problem came back, so it won't be fixed until Monday. Can you drive me then?"

I've been so obsessed by this car business (10 days and counting!) that I totally forgot to tell her (on my blog),


Yes, we even had plans, TWICE on her birthday, to get my car. What a friend!!!!!!

I did give her a present: a card for a knitted item. I suggested socks, but I told her she could pick, and she picked felted clogs! I love that felted clogs pattern. Yeah! It's been awhile since I've made them, so I'm quite excited to start them.

The only problem is....what will I now make for Christmas?

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