Monday, May 09, 2005

A great day!

This may have been the best Mother's Day ever. Lori and I went to the MD Sheep and Wool Festival, spending 2 nights in a hotel and leaving our 9 (combined) children with our darling husbands. We only had to take care of ourselves, stood in line without any impatient family members, didn't have to spending an hour (or two) packing or looking for lost items. Came home and the families were happy to see us, and even cleaned up a bit! Not only that, but DD#1 baked me a cheesecake! What a day!

Feeling pretty good about my purchases. Didn't do much impulse shopping, but at the same time I got most of what I went there for. Here's a pic of my total stash.

Yarn from the Little Barn. Incredible deals. We waited in the longest line for this purchase--1 hour! It was worth it, though. Got 20 skeins of the white to try an Aran sweater.

Lori informed me that I have 2 of her sock yarns. I wondered why I bought 4 skeins of the same yarn.... (thinking....really big feet?)

Merino wool roving. Going to try my drop spindle again.

Gorgeous merino wool from Morehouse Merino.

Started a soaker in the hotel room!

This basket was my impulse buy. Saw the vendor early in the morning while there was still plenty of baskets, but wasn't sure if I needed one, so decided to wait to see if I had money left over. For the next several hours I would see people walking past with these until finally I succumbed. Went back to the building but couldn't find the vendor since he was constantly sold out. Finally, new supplies were brought in and we were like vultures diving over the baskets.

There's also some natural merino and a set of Crystal Place bamboo circs. Also got a hank of silk noil that I'll show once I dye it.

And again I was a great day!!!

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