Sunday, July 31, 2011

June and July roundup

June and July just mashed together in my head. (Where has the summer gone?)(Have I even had a summer?)(Isn't going to the pool only one time so far rather pathetic?)(Fall sports season starts when?)  The months have mashed together and so have my projects. Here's my FO list:

For the kids in Kazakhstan:

-A hoodie for a long-armed kid that won't be needed until next May, which means I'm knitting something ahead of time!

-Four baby blankets, using up stash in lots of browns and lots of scraps. (The fish blanket used up most of my worsted scraps. I'll just have to create some more.)

-Two pair toddlers socks
-One pair adult socks
-One balaclava

-Two swiffer covers for me, in an attempt to get my house cleaner.
-A pair of newborn baby tights in sweet, soft blue stripes.

My theme? Using up stash and leftovers.

The result? Success!

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