Thursday, August 04, 2011

What I'm working on...

Some summertime socks for me. It's still summer, so I'm still on time.  I only have 1 skein of purple, so the toes will need to be a different color. That's why I'm knitting both at the same time.

Another baby blanket, because there can never be enough. I was almost challenged to see who can make the most (not really), but it almost sounded like that, and since I'm not over the blanket kick yet it didn't take much until I had this one cast on and ready to go.

I'm making it like the garterlac dishcloth by Criminy Jickets. I cast on 56 sts and it's seeming to be the right width.

Finally, my pentagon sweater. Since you've last seen this sweater it has been completely reknitted. I had finished it enough to be able to try it on, and it was too big all over. So, there was no need to just re-do the pentagons when I needed to do the whole thing.

This time I used a smaller size needles on the pentagon--6s, maybe? And they turned out much better. One sleeve is sewn on and the other is ready for the seaming. Not much left on this one and then it should be done.

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