Sunday, July 31, 2011

Projects I might not have mentioned....

First of all, and I know I've mentioned it a lot, the fish blanket is done!


The fish blocked out nice and flat with no puckering seams using my usual blocking method: Wash, roll up in a towel to get out the excess water, lay flat on a towel and pat into shape. No pins were involved.

I used the tesselated fish pattern, size 8 needles (2 pairs) and worsted weight yarn scraps. It was worked on for a week or two in '09, and then again now for about a week and a half. A large part of Saturday was taken up with the sewing together (Chinese food was eaten rather than a pile of meat, and no-bake cookies were made instead of brownies to conserve eggs. Neither was quite what I wanted, but I had a huge hamburger today, and as soon as I buy some eggs I'm going to make brownies.)

Another balaclava was made. I had leftover yarn of 2 balaclavas, plus was mailed another partial skein. I made this one and then sent the leftovers on to the next. This really does fit a normal sized head, but my usual hat model is hiding from me, so you'll have to trust me.

These are an adult sized pair of "Hug me" socks with a 9" (23 cm) foot length, size 2 needles, and Filatura Lanarota sock yarn. Soft and cushy, like always.

Back when I was writing my baby tights pattern, I made a pair of tights to test some pattern changes.

They're newborn size, too small for the baby orphanage, so I might just sell them. They're using Patons Classic wool in worn denim and Chaco yarn in white.

I've also made 2 pair of toddlers socks using leftover sock yarn. Each pair was made using 3 sock yarns, knitting a partial row with each color so that the color spirals down looking like stripes. The blue pair is 13 cm and the burgandy pair is 11 cm.

Here's the yarns that I used for the burgandy pair.

I think that now I'm caught up with all the finished projects-- just in time to start a new month.

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Lynn said...

Ok WOW!!!! You've gotten a lot done! Love all your projects, esp that fish blanket. Great job on it all. Oh and when you said you did a balaclava, I first read it as baklava, and thought you made the greek dessert instead of the brownies!!!! LOL