Sunday, July 24, 2011


Back in Jan '09, I started knitting some fish from leftover yarn.  (Pattern is here.)  I hadn't done much since, but decided to drag them out this week, finish knitting the fish, and put them together for another baby blanket.

In 2009, I had knitted 12 fish.

The pile, when not looking like this (as usual),

has been steadily growing. I have now knitted 13 more. They knit up quickly, but I can only handle about 2 at a time before boredom sets in.

I figure I need 35 fish to make a 20x30" afghan, so that means I need to do 10 more. If I do 2 per day, then I should be able to get the fish done by Friday. Then, all that's left is to sew them together, and that should be mind numbingly crazy, who thought of this idea easy, right?

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