Friday, July 29, 2011

Well, it's Friday and the fish are done. (I just told that to my DH, and he said, "what fish?" You know, the things I've been working on all week?)

Along the way, I've had a casualty. My 16" sz8 circ has bit the dust. The fish were too much for it.

Most of the time the fish have been piled up in a basket.

But occasionally I would get them out and make piles by color. That's harder than it looks, as all the long tails get tangled with each other.

Finally it was time to lay them out like an afghan. I know if I squint at the picture, then I can see the color combinations better and the problem areas will stand out.

I might just leave them like they are, though. (Or maybe that row with 8 instead of 7 should be fixed. Geesh!)

I'm hoping that when I get them sewed together that nothing will shrink in length or width, or otherwise it might be too small. I have 2 fish left over and a bit more yarn, but I'm hoping that the size will be right without having to make any more.

In the meantime, think of me as I'm sewing the afghan all together. (Who's idea was this, anyway?)

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