Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three baby blankets are done, washed, and dried!

They're all going to a baby house in Kazakhstan, so they need to be wooly and warm. It's been a good way to use up some of my browns, since the babies aren't requesting any colors.

This is another of Evelyn's no-sew blankie. The whole point of the blanket is that you can knit the whole thing without breaking the yarn except for the border. That of course, changed, when I decided to do blocks of color. There were definitely ends to sewn in, but I like the way it turned out.

Lion Brand Fisherman's wool in oat tweed and brown. Knitpicks green. Brown garter stitch borders were added before the green border to make it the goal size of 20x30".

Then, I did two blankets using Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown.

I love them so much! I stopped at two, but I might still make another one. They're very addictive and they're a good way to use up oddballs of yarn.

I made some changes to the pattern. I used 2 strands of WW held together on size 11 needles. This made it lots thicker and cushier. Also, to make it a rectangle, aiming again for that 20x30" size, I knitted 14 ridges before the first open double corner. That makes the middle square now a rectangle and in turn makes the whole thing into a rectangle. Then, you just go round and round until it's the right size.

The first one I made was with different skeins of Fisherman Wool, using natural, oak tweed, and brown. I started with 2 strands of natural, changed one to oak tweed, changed the other to oak tweed, changed one to brown, changed the other to brown. This one is my favorite. I love all the natural colors and the way the color changes. I made the changes in the middle of a row rather than the corners, like the next one.

The next one I made with some other oddballs. The tan is Patons Classic Wool in Sesame that I got on such a clearance deal a year ago. The green is repurposed from a sweater that was given to me half done. And the brown is more Fisherman's wool. I changed colors at the corners this time, but I think I like it in the middle better.

I feel like I could do the color changes better, and might have to make another one just for that reason! (hahaha)

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