Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Socks made and dreamed of

A skein or two (or six) might have entered my house in the last few days.

Let's just call it a case of good-deal-itis.

From a lady on the 'net decreasing her stash came these two balls of Lane Cervinia Forever Jacquard color #10.

(The astute among you will notice that this is two days in a row that I have actually gotten out of my chair to go find the ballband to write down the correct information.)(Kudos to me!)(Minus one point for that run on sentence, though.)(But I gain a point back because I actually spelled Jacquard correctly, even if it was written out in front of me.)

Then, Simply Sock Yarn Company was having a clearance sale.

And this is what I got:

One skein of Araucania Ranco solid color #122 which a pretty, almost solid green.
Two skeins of Indulgence color #104 and #103.
One skein of Indulgence with Aloe color #109.

Not only was I dreaming about socks to be made, but I actually finished a pair.

These are the socks from Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece that I had started awhile ago. I wasn't happy with the cuff that was too loose so they hit the frog pond. I went down 4 stitches and made up my own pattern and here is the result.

I'm going to write up this pattern and share it with you, but in the meantime I'm going to wear them to work tomorrow!


MamaMidwife said...

Posts two days in a row? You're going to spoil us!

Willie said...

Oh I do love that sock pattern...hopefully you will post it so I can use it.