Saturday, July 31, 2010

July roundup

Are you as appalled as I am that it's the end of July already? I've already been buying back-to-school notebooks and such. Monday starts the week of soccer camp that's followed by the week of field hockey camp which leads directly into field hockey tryouts that leads directly into practices and the first day of school. Throw in some soccer practices and a tournament and there goes the summer.

Oops, this is supposed to be the monthly roundup and not the monthly belly-aching.


Moving on...

This month I made 2 pairs of mittens,

Followed by 4 hat/mittens sets. I followed Jean's pattern from her mystery hat/mitten KAL for 3 of the pairs. It's a fun set to do.

Also, my summer Pawprint footies got finished in time to wear them during the summer. The pattern is half written, but some editing needs to happen before it can be published. (If you call posting it on the blog "publishing".)

No one noticed my new shoes at work. I guess when there is an absence of a squeak, it's less noticiable rather than the presence of one. Whatever. I like them.

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Lynn said...

Yep, we've started our school shopping as well. I'm actually looking forward to the schedule again.