Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This and that

First, here are the answers from yesterday's quiz:
Pic 1: green sweater
pic 2: green/purple socks
pic 3: blue/purple socks
pic 4: striped sweater
(I'm trying to keep their names out of this post for their privacy, but it's really cool to see the actual kids wearing the actual items I made!)

Next, I have finished with the mystery hat/mitten KAL. Here's the end result:

And I liked this KAL so much that I made another set:

(...all but the thumbs. We're having an important discussion here at our house where it is one vote for green thumbs and one vote for black thumbs and I can see the advantages to each. In the meanwhile....they sit.)

In between, I might've made a hat to match a previous set of mittens. (It fits a regular-sized head even though it looks small.)

Because I'm on a roll, I tell you! (Junie B. Jones, anyone?)

In a planned yarn buying trip, I bought 3 skeins of Berocco Vintage yarn for a future project (that will be started as soon as I get tired of hats and mittens.)

While at the LYS, some Noro jumped into my hand.

And look who's visiting?

Lucy will be here for a month or two as her "mom" is doing the crazy busy summertime work. This is one of her favorite spots--the back of the chair!

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Willie said...

Interesting pose, that is what my 20# cat likes to do....looks like a blob on back of the chair or sofa, or the chair arm.