Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Two pairs of mittens were finished over the weekend, both using this easy pattern for No-swatch-no-gauge mittens for kids. The mittens are knit exactly the same. They're basically the same as other mittens, but I like the purl stitch on each side of the thumb gusset. No need for a stitch marker.

On the left is Wisdom Yarns Poems yarn color 517 using size 5 dpns and 32 sts. I made them smaller to have enough yarn to finish them.

And now I have some leftover. I'll have to use them in a stripe of another pair.

On the right is Atacama 100% alpaca color 504 110 yards which, as you can see, wasn't quite enough. It was paired with Fisherman's wool to make a nice warm mitten. The pattern was knitted as written, except for adding 4 rows onto the thumb.

I managed to come home from work, finish the thumbs, hid the ends, and rounded up the other pairs I had laying around.

Two pairs of mittens and three hat/mitten sets got stuffed into a bag and mailed yesterday on their way thru M4A to Kazakhstan this weekend.

With a half hour to spare.

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Lynn said...

What a nice package!!