Thursday, June 17, 2010

Straying from socks

I've been working on socks, as always, and UFOs that somehow never become FOs.

Needing a break, I decided to make a swiffer cover.

Yes, really, a swiffer cover. (For those out of the country this means YOU, Valeria!, a swiffer is like a floor mop where you can attach a disposable cloth to scrub and then throw away. I bet you already knew that, didn't you? )

I did this pattern as written and it turned out like this:

Pretty, and hopefully functional. My family thinks it's weird and gross and why not use the disposables anyway? And this is too pretty to get dirty, etc.


Ignoring them, I decided to make another one.

This is a bigger size that fits my duster mop.

I'm hoping it will work okay, even if it's saggy in the middle.

It gave me something different to do, anyway, which was one of the main points of making them. So there.

Then, someone on M4A pointed out these Spruce Tree mittens. The thumb gusset only increases on one side and not both to make left and right mittens and not one-kind-fits-all. I thought I'd give them a try.

These are using Patons Classic wool in sesame and a strand of Trekking XXL sock yarn on size 7 dpns. So far, so good.


valéria said...
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valéria said...

Hey....ok we're not "updated" as america in some options but we know swiffers ;o).....

And I like your swiffer covers although I'm afraid that the big one might be too small and you'll scratch the floors if you're not carefull??? Perhaps some elastic and pins might do the trick on keeping it on it's place :o) Just my two cents ;o)

removed my first reply to change an error.... cratch isn't scratch is it?? ;o)

Lynn said...

I've seen this pattern, but I've never actually made one. Please let us know how it works!