Friday, June 04, 2010

A sock week

Since last blogging, I decided to work on my Snowdrop socks, which reminded me how much I love these socks! The combination of pattern plus Aruncania yarn is really delighting me.

This sock was even working on during a baseball game. For some events this pattern would be too complicated to work on, but baseball has so much down time that it turned out okay. It's 2 repeats short of starting the heel, and then it'll be halfway done.

While examining the first sock, though, I discovered this error, on the foot of the sock. (The tiny white words say "right here" and point to an error on the decreasing slant.)

There is no way I'm going to fix this on an already completed sock, and I'm sure I'll forget about it very quickly. (At least, I hope it's not something that I'll look at each time I put them on and wonder why I didn't take the time to fix it.)

I also decided I needed a plain pair in progress, so I got out a teal skein of cotton fleece and proceeded to make this mess.

For some reason I couldn't find the end and wound it up around the skein and then had the bright idea of slipping the wound-up part off and pulling it back that way. (That makes no sense, so in short... I did it to myself.)

It stayed that way in my living room for a day or so, but finally it looks like this:

And since it looks just like my snowdrop yarn, here's a picture of both skeins of yarn to show that I didn't just throw away the mess and pretend that the one skein was the other.

But, in the meantime, I still needed a plain pair of socks to knit, so here's the start.

As always, watching the stripes happen makes the knitting goes about twice as fast as normal.

It's been quite a sock week, with predictions of more of the same for next week.

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Lynn said...

You do realize the only person who would notice that error is you. Nobody else will be closely examining the socks like we tend to do. Plus I bet even if they did, they STILL wouldn't find it!

And that Kroy sock looks like a fun knit.