Saturday, June 05, 2010

The whole driveway

During the snowstorm in February, we had a tree that tried to hold onto every snowflake that it could until the weight just got too heavy and it bent over like this.

As you might imagine, we were fearful of our cars' safety, moved them out of the way, and tried to shake off the snow as best we could. (At the beginning we could touch one of the branches so we shook it until snow came off and then it bounced up some. Then, the boys tied a baseball with a piece of string, threw it up until it caught on a branch, and shook it that way.)

The tree recovered somewhat, but continued to have a bendy look to it all these months later. We continued to park at the end of the driveway for the next several months as an added precaution.

Today it looks like this:

Some friends came over and chopped it up and carted away the wood. (Thank you!)

Now we can use the whole driveway for parking.

The end.

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valéria said...

At first I thought what??You're kidding right?? Then I read this was in february.... It could have been though that you got some snow by the way the weather is acting sometimes but this was a bit of a shock to me.

Since it's early in the morning I thought ok now I'm awake ;o)

I do love your socks, I love the snowdrop ones and de plain ones. I'm almost three weeks busy with just one pair of plain's just too busy in my household to get further with it.

I'll post it on my blog.

Have a great day and take care
Valeria. :o)