Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ouch! my brain hurts.

I'm back to socks again. And this time, they're making my brain hurt.

Waying too much thinking going on.

Or rather, I'm in summertime mode and what might be an acceptable amount of thinking is now way beyond what my brain can handle.

I'm trying to make some summer socks. (I know, I know, it's almost July. Whatever. I'll still have all of August to wear them. And possibly September.)

These are made with Brown Sheep Cotton Fine.

But they're not fine. They're saggy.

I had the brilliant idea of using twisted ribbing for the cuff with the idea that it would hold it tighter. Which it doesn't.

Sigh. I'll have to rip it out and try again.


I've also started my first pair of beaded socks. Which hurts my head.

I really, really, really needed to concentrate on the beaded rows to get them counted right. I even sat at the dining room table with the beads in front of me to add them as needed.

The pattern is another one from 6SoxKAL; I believe it's called Faggoting Ribs. That's all the beading required until the next sock, so I might make it through.

Now...time for some mindless TV. And a nap.

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Lynn said...

I like the color on the blue socks, but the only cotton I've heard good things abt is Panda Cotton.

and I love that OnLine yarn!!!! The coloring really doesnt even need the beads but they do add a certain sparkle!