Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sock knitting time

Since finishing Elena's sweater, I've been working on Diana's socks. I had started these once before, only to run out of sock yarn on the 2nd one. That can be fixed, since the sock yarn is being held together with a worsted weight and I can just use another color, but it will look a bit different and I didn't want that for a graduate.

So, I dyed more yarn.

Actually, when I dyed yarn, I meant it to be blue for Elena's sleeves, but I didn't have any more blue coloring, so I dyed it green. (Can't waste yarn that's ready to be dyed.)

Then, I dyed some blue and continued with the sleeves. Taking another look at the green, I decided I didn't have enough for a pair of socks, so I dyed some more green.

And that's what I'm using. But in the meantime, I have leftover blue plus almost a whole skein of green ready to be used, plus the first green socks to finish.

Lots to knit.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyway, here's the sock so far.

The cabling pattern is still there, although it's hard to see. And I have a whole 'nuther skein of sock yarn so this time I won't run out.

In the meantime, I've had occasion to need plain knitting, like at yesterday's soccer game, so I started another sock.

I know, I know, I had another plain pair in the works, but they were smaller. I figured if I started over again with a bigger size, they might get done in time for the graduates' box, so I cast on again.

I've had lots of knitting time on the plain ones, so they're going almost as fast as the cabled ones. Look, I'm past the heel already.

So, lots of sock knitting being done around here. Now, does anyone want to clean my house?

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valéria said...

why can I respond now without making a new google account??? I really don't understand it...couldn't reply for a long time...ok now I can.

Want to cheer you along with all the knitted socks and sweaters you've made already!!! Well done and I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your knitted projects as well as non knitted ones :o)

Take care
Valeria :o)