Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not Marathon

The Marathon socks are done! Marathon in this instance means the yarn brand, not the amount of time it took.

Scratch that previous paragraph. These socks are made from Silja Strompegarn yarn and not Marathon yarn. Am I really losing track of this so completely, or did I just miss my daily nap? You be the judge.

They completely used two skeins, one for each sock. (Did I really think no one would understand that unless I spelled it out?)

Anyway, the legs are 8.5 inches in length so I ran out of yarn on the foot. (The advantage of two skeins of yarn is that I realized this on the first sock and didn't have an unpleasant surprise in the middle of the second one.) I added Knitpicks yarn in a cranberry color for the toes.
(That was one of the best things that I did--buying several skeins of solid yarn from Knitpicks to have around "just in case".)

Anyway, size 1 dpns, 68 sts, 9.5" foot length, plain vanilla sock pattern.

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